Friday, 25 May 2012

Places In My Mind

Have you ever used fictional places in your stories? A lot of writers do it all the time (Hogwarts, Panem and so on) while others stick to real places. In 'Unexplained Disappearances' I have done something that falls in neither category- I have used both real and fictional places.

The real places are India, Bangladesh and China. You might ask why I'd want to add countries to the world that don't really exist. It's because there are some things that happen in my book that have never happened in any real country, and I didn't want to manipulate history. It just feels like a really big responsibility you say The Republic of so-and-so once was the home of drug dealer and bandits, that the So-and-so civilization was wiped out thank to the villain of my story.

Do you think it works? It worked for Princess Diaries, an American from San Fransisco, where Mia Thermopolis discovers she's the princess of a country called Genovia which doesn't really exist. But I admit it can get a little confusing sometimes. Some things are real and some are not. I hope I figure it out soon enough, so I can write a good novel

Meanwhile, I've been reading Catching Fire and I LOVE it! I'll keep you updated about the fictional places I created in my next post. Till then, have a nice read!

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