Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Desperately Seeking Critique

In every successful writer's life, there comes a point where newspapers and book critics shower him or her with tons of praise, where it becomes clear their book will be on the bestseller's list for at least four weeks, when the satisfaction of having one's work read finally seeps into their life after years of hard-work and anticipation.

But before all that comes a point when a writer needs to find somebody to critiques his work with such brutal honesty that he is first moved to tears and then sits down in front of his computer to make the second draft a million times better than the first.

In the past, I have had crit partners and this is how our arrangement worked- we sent each other our work and once we were done reading, we sent each other feedback. Unfortunately, it appears all my crit partner, who are a lot older than I am, are now busy with jobs and family, which means I will now have to find another literary friend to help me see flaws in my manuscript.

So, here's an open invitation to one and all- if anybody has any free time in the twenty-four hours of the day, please, please, please read the first part of my book and tell me what you think. In return, I'd be happy to help you out in any way I can, as long as it's not illegal or immoral (okay, so the last part was meant as a joke). I could really use the help of some avid readers right now, and hopefully, by next month, I can start work on my second draft with the purpose of polishing my manuscript as much as possible.

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