Sunday, 20 May 2012

Another Excerpt from Unexplained Disappearances

“Ready?” asked Lahiri in an accent which didn’t betray his lack of knowledge in English. None of us nodded or said ‘yes’, but he still ordered the boatman to row. I held the side of the boat tightly with my hand as a hollow feeling emptied my stomach.

For just one second, I hallucinated and on afterthought, I deduced it was because of the tiredness. I saw myself standing at the river bed, smiling. I looked like I did last year, before Kartik was lost. And just as abruptly as it had come, my vision of myself vanished. I instantly realized what my vision had been about- as I drifted away from the river bed, I not only drifted away from my country, but also from a part of myself.

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