Saturday, 5 January 2013

Aria Suri: An Interview (This is 100% fictional, guys!)

As she lands at the airport in Beijing, Aria Suri looks nothing if not tired. The seventeen-year-old, fondly nicknamed 'Big eyes' by fellow adventurer Krishna Kanan, is slowly becoming thee poster girl for both love and bravery, jet setting all over the world in search of her missing brother Kartik. Hr latest stop is Beijing, China and it is only to be seen what fate holds for her in these Oriental lands.

"Life's become a new ball game altogether", she says, picking up her own baggage and stacking them on a trolley. "It's like there's no day, no night. All there is, is this constant pursuit, this mission of finding my brother. Day and night's just a matter of where the sun is in the sky and that's just something we're not bothered about anymore."

As if to illustrate her point, Ismene Alastor, who's accompanying Aria in her dangerous yet utterly fascinating adventure yawns and mumbles illegible words. Their journey is not physically exhausting to say the least. Aria's journey began in Mumbai, India, when she discovered her brother might still b alive and set out to find him with Nova Cesnik and Riyan Majumder (Riyan's father went missing seven years ago). From there, the trio traveled to Bangladesh by train and foot (yes, that's right!) and were joined by Americans Ismene Alastor and Krishna Kanan. Th group then set out for Beijing, all in a matter of less than three days. "Forget all the theories about my brother's disappearance", jokes Aria, "Right now my biggest fight is against jetlag and sleepiness".

But this is no joke. aria understands that her mission is risky to say the least. "I know what's at stake. I knew it when I left home and I know it now. And I know what this is putting my parents through and that's exactly why I'm not going back home unless I can take Kartik back home with me". Tough words for a seventeen year old girl, but Aria insists, "Age is just a funny thing for me. I totally missed out on the giggle-giggle-yak-yak of being a teenaged girl.  My life just wasn't like that".

Ask her about the group dynamics and she says, "Riyaan's the guy everybody loves, Ismene's thee sweet girl, Krishna can be really annoying sometimes and Nova's like our shepherd". We hint that w'r actually more concerned about the trust issues her group might have, but Aria has no comment about the matter.

As Aria and her group emerge out into Beijing, we are left wondering what comes next in Aria's life. We wish w could hope for a 'happily ever after', but in Aria's case, we can never be too sure.