Sunday, 15 April 2012

Riyan Majumdar

Riyan is a boy Aria first meets in college. He seems strangely concerned about her, which makes Aria distrust and dislike him. But it later turns out that Riyan has a similar story to Aria's, and he is only curious to know just how similar their lives are.

I modeled Riyan on all the popular guys in school I have met over the years. Aria describes him as 'presentable'  (translation: handsome) and notes that he has a way of charming all the other students in college. However, I also wanted to show that the 'cool guy' isn't always the hero we dream them up to be. Riyan, despite being a smooth talker and instant hit with most people, is like any ordinary teenage guy when it comes to eating like a pig and taking catnaps.

Riyan is not perfect. He is a stress smoker and often gets distracted. He wants to be friends with Aria, but Aria doesn't trust anybody. Riyan is a big help in Bangladesh, as he is the only one who speaks Bengali.

Riyan is also what some people would call the 'hero' of the story, if you decide to ignore the fact Aria is a true heroine and he doesn't come close in the heroism scale. Aria admits to 'liking' him, but is too practical and cautious to act upon her feelings.

I loved creating Riyan. He is one of the most complex characters I have ever created. Now that I have my whole storyline all figured out, I know that Riyan will be a character that any reader would remember. 

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  1. You seem very invested in Riyan's character, which makes me wonder if this is a dual POV between Aria and Riyan. If not, maybe you should play around with the idea and see if it adds a certain level of depth to the manuscript. You definitely seem like you know his character inside and out. :)