Sunday, 1 April 2012

Latest Location for Unexplained Disappearances

Right at the beginning, I had promised that 'Unexplained Disappearances' would span across continents. So let me introduce you to the firs to foreign nation Aria travels to- Bangladesh.

Why Bangladesh, you may ask. It's not exactly the ideal setting for a YA novel. Most YA novels are either set in hypothetical places (eg, Panem). The romances are set in places with woods, rivers and flowers. Dystopian fantasies are set in a post-apocalyptic world. Basically, Bangladesh doesn't feature in the YA literary map at all. And that's exactly why it's perfect for 'Unexplained Disappearances'.

My grandparent migrated to India from Bangladesh in 1947, during the Partition of India. In a way, my roots lie in Bangladesh, even though that might be a little bit of a stretch. Two years ago, my grandparents revisited Bangladesh. It was then that I decided I would use Bangladesh as a setting for one of my stories. Specifically speaking, all the action unfolds in the outskirts of a city called Khulna.

And this is why Bangladesh comes into the story- Nova says that she is the last person who can lead Aria to her brother. Nova receives a vague and mysterious phone call from a man called Taha Chaudhary, who says he is both the reason behind Nova's mother's mother and a man instrumental in Aria's brother's disappearance. If you have any questions, well, I won't answer them now. I can't just give the mystery away, can I?

But Aria and her team is in danger and they have to always be on the move. So next time I post, Aria would already have traveled halfway across the world with the single-minded person of finding her brother.

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