Monday, 9 April 2012

Next Stop: Beijing

Aria and her team is now done with its stay in Bangladesh, which means its time to move on to a new location.

After a lot of thought, the location I have settled upon is Beijing.

Of course, there is the obvious question- Why Beijing? First of all, I want most of 'Unexplained Disappearances' to be set in Asia, even though I already have two American and one Slovenian character. Asia is, well, exotic even for someone who is an Asian. Also, it is virtually unexploited in YA literature. But Asia is a place where you can travel just about a hundred kilometers and you will already notice changes in people's clothing, cuisine and habits- such is the diversity of Asia. Plus, I am attracted to the rawness (not primitiveness) that Asia seems to offer, because in every country, even in the biggest cities, traditional culture still remains a dominant factor in directing people's lives. A mix of tradition and modernity- that's what Asia represents.

Secondly, I have always wanted to go to China, but the last time I expressed this wish, SAARS was a big problem in China and there was no way we could go. So now, I am living my wish through Aria.

What does Aria do in Beijing? Well, she is out to meet a rogue photographer writer named Husang, who is making waves in the art and culture scene of Beijing, but also has a past which has him indebted to the same people who were involved in Aria's brother's disappearance. But now he wants to break free from debt and Aria wants her brother back, so the two can help each other.

Are you excited? I hope you are, because I am.

Keep checking this blog to see where Aria goes next. And here's a clue about her next destination- it's going to be EXOTIC!!!

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  1. Great choice! It sounds like you have quite an exciting adventure ahead for your MC.