Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Mystery Girl- Constantinova Pasini

Constantinova 'Nova' Pasini is my mystery girl. She's the one who comes to Aria, claiming to be her last link to her brother.

Nova's appearance is striking. She's a tall redhead. She often stands out while in India, causing people to take more notice than necessary for her mission. For some reason, I based her look on Alice Burdeu (but she's not 6'1"). I know it's a little uninspired to make your characters look like international models, but Alice Burdeu is the definition of 'offbeat' and 'strinking'.

Alice Burdeu (left)

Nova reamains a mystery to Aria throughout the novel because she comes out of nowhere and never reveals much. She has a story of her own and her own reasons to look for Aria's brother. But she is an unskilled fighter. She has the will to uncover secrets, but not the experience. She claims to be the last person to have seen Aria's brother alive.

As far as her characteristics are concerned, there aren't much. She keeps a safe distance from everyone and as compared to Aria, she is ruthless. She knows her undertaking will save lives, but may also involve taking a few. This ruthlessness stems from the fact that she has nothing to lose.

Nova is Slovenian. That's because that's the last foreign country my dad was invited to and also because it's a place which doesn't always get mentioned in YA novels. But who knows? Maybe she's a Russian pretending to be Slovenian so nobody can trace her roots! With Nova, you never really know.

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