Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Beginning of 'Unexplained Disappearances'

I started writing 'Unexplained Disappearances' a few months ago. In my long (I've been writing for eleven years) yet unpublished writing career, I have gone through a lot of phases.

The first was the 'Children's book' phase. But when you're seven, that's the only genre you could dabble in.

The second was the 'Sci-fi' phase. My sci-fi didn't have much genetic mutations, infrared signals or end-of-the-world dystopian scenarios. It just had lots of evil villains, secret organizations, spaceships, UFOs and brave heroes. At the age of twelve, that's about as sci-fi as yu can go.

Then came the 'Realism' phase, which basically meant I started taking inspiration from my own life. My satire 'Adventures of the Cynical Bystander' stands out as my only work that my father read in one go (and it had hundreds of pages). I realized I liked being sarcastic and real.

Just as things were heating up, 'Twilight' bit me (pun intended) and I was off to 'Fantasy Romance Land'. So I wrote a YA love story about two confused teenagers in their afterlife. It took a while for the phase to pass.

Now, I'm all grown up and ready to experiment with something new- mystery. Thant's what 'Unexplained Disappearances' is- a mystery. But unlike my previous outings as a writer, I have decided to document the whole process of writing this time. Hence, the blog.

I hope you enjoy reading and stay tuned to my posts, as I take you through the writing process, the search for locations to set my book in, the full-on creative phase where I make book trailers and covers, the trial and error phase where I  coerce my friends into reading my book, the critique seeking phase and hopefully, at some point, the search for a publisher.


  1. Good luck! And congrats on the new blog. I don't see a way to follow you though. Am I missing it or is it not up yet?

  2. Following now! I didn't see the follow button on the top tool bar. It's too early for my eyes to work properly thanks to the time change. ;)

  3. It's always exciting to start a new phase in life, especially in writing. Looking forward to hearing about the journey.

  4. Good luck! :) Haha, I loved reading this. We've all gone through some sort of phase. So it's nice to see I'm not alone in it.

  5. I do love mysteries and thrillers. Good luck with your new project.